Everything You Need To Know About Laser Gum Surgery

Laser Gum Surgery

When dentists mention surgery as a remedy, it is natural to develop anxiety. This is because of the fear of surgery and the myths that have been spread about the procedure. In the past, doctors used to perform traditional surgery, which had a lot of complications. Luckily, technology has allowed a change of technique in approaching gum treatment. Book an appointment with a Tarzana laser gum surgery specialist for a treatment option with minimal risks. Here are the key things you need to know about the use of lasers, including their benefits over traditional gum surgery:

How do lasers treat periodontal gum disease?

Periodontal disease affects the bone and tissues that support the teeth. Generally the infection is common in individuals between the age of 30 and 40. However, you can develop it at any age. Factors that can increase the risk of these infections include smoking, diabetes, genetic susceptibility, poor oral health, and specific medications.During treatment, doctors use the laser to remove inflamed gum tissue deep in the roots. After removing the infected tissue and exposing the root, they move on to the next stage. Here, they scrape the plaque and calculus around the tooth and below the gumline. The final step involves removing rough spots with the help of instruments to smoothen the root. This decreases the risks of bacteria that may infect the root later on. The treated area is now left to regenerate as it heals.

What are the advantages of using lasers in treatment?

  • Less or no pain: People fear gum surgeries because of experienced pain. Lasers are less invasive, meaning that patients will feel very little or no pain. Traditional surgery involves cutting and suturing, making most patients prefer to get teeth extracted instead of attempting to save them. The doctor will rarely need to prescribe post-operative pain drugs after performing surgery using laser technology.
  • Fewer complications: Doctors do not make cuttings or stitches when using lasers in gum treatment. Therefore, the side effects are also minimal. Patients have testified to less bleeding, swelling, and sensitivity. This enables them to resume their usual activities faster than if they had undergone traditional gum surgery.
  • Bacterial removal: The laser used vaporizes harmful bacteria in treatment, which clears out reinfection chances. The treatment also has fewer postoperative infections making it a preference in many patients over traditional surgery.
  • Customization: Patients have varying infection conditions. Therefore, it is more beneficial to use a treatment option that allows for a change of the laser’s power and wavelength to suit personal needs. Each treatment is unique for every patient, depending on their severity.
  • Preserves healthy parts: Lasers are accurate and precise. This means that they will remove cavities while avoiding the healthy parts of your tooth. Preservation also ensures teeth are stronger in the long run.

Experts at Around The Corner Dental Health Spa use laser gum surgery to remove excess tissue, treat gum disease, remove a growth, and perform a biopsy. The use of Waterlase also makes the procedure more gentle and comfortable by protecting patients from the laser heat. If you have surgery anxiety, the doctors here can help you relax before treatment begins. Book an appointment to enjoy personalized care.


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