An Expert Guide to Knowing Endodontic Re-Treatments

Root Canal Infection

Why do some people have a knack for knowing just what to do in a dental emergency, while others panic and freeze up? The answer is simple: experience. Like anything else in life, the more time you spend doing something, the better your chances of getting good at it. And when it comes to teeth-related emergencies-whether, they involve cavities or root canals-experience means being able to identify which procedure you need. An endodontic re-treatment specialist in Brooklyn, NY, will solve the root canal issues which may develop after the actual treatment. Aim for a competent Brooklyn endodontic re-treatment expert for better assistance. What are endodontic re-treatments all about?

What is Endodontic Re-Treatment?

Endodontic re-treatment is a procedure that restores the shape and functionality of a tooth. It’s a great alternative to dental implants or bridges. It doesn’t require any alteration of surrounding teeth, and it can be performed quickly and easily enough for someone with primary experience in endodontics.

The primary aim of endodontic re-treatments is to remove an infection from the root canal system located at the center of your tooth. To save you from tooth extraction, an endodontic re-treatment expert will administer a local anesthetic before removing all traces of infection from within the root canal to eliminate pain and restore proper function.

Why Do You Need an Endodontic Re-treatment?

The reason why you need to get endodontic re-treatment is that your tooth may have gotten infected. The original root canal procedure only reached the tip of the root, so any bacteria lingering at the opening can be released into your bloodstream through normal function. And once it gets there, the infection will spread quickly and cause a severe health problem.

The process of endodontic re-treatment is considered relatively simple, and thanks to the painless techniques used today, it doesn’t even require local anesthesia. That means you can walk out with your teeth feeling better than ever in just 20 minutes.

What are the Indicators of Root Canal Infection?

One of the most common symptoms of root canal infection is intense pain around the tooth area. It usually starts like a sharp pain that may come and go, but it will eventually degenerate into deep throbbing or constant pain if you continue to ignore it. If you experience such symptoms, it’s time for endodontic re-treatment.

Another significant symptom of root canal infection is pus or lousy breath coming from your tooth. It is a sign that the problem has spread outside the root canal and has started to eat away at surrounding tissue. If you notice such symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

What Causes a Root Canal Infection?

Bacteria is responsible for all cases of root canal infection. The most common cause of illness is leaving the root canal portion of your tooth untreated after a root canal procedure. Other causes include:

  • Damage to the tooth during the initial root canal procedure and failure to seal it properly.
  • A crack in the tooth is caused by trauma, brushing too hard, or chewing on something tough.

The endodontic re-treatment specialists are well-versed in all aspects of endodontics. This includes root canal infection due to faulty initial treatment. If you’re experiencing signs of a root canal infection, don’t hesitate to get an appointment.


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