Why Online Self Care Product Sales are Booming

Self Care Product

There used to be a time when buying self care products required an instore purchase. After all, purchasing such items as cosmetics meant touching, smelling and dabbing products onto the body. The times, however, have changed. Self care products are now one of the biggest online markets of them all. That includes everything from health and fitness gear to cosmetics and natural herbal remedies. In this article, we find out why so many people are buying self care products online.

The Consumer Knowledge Factor

Prior to the internet, consumers relied on the store clerk as their fountain of knowledge regarding self care products. Nowadays, however, people are able to do extensive research online. Not only are they able to research the product category, they can also read expert reviews on products and those from verified purchasers of the product. All of this has effectively made the store clerk redundant.

The Convenience Factor

Buying online is simply more convenient than buying from a bricks and mortar store. People are able to shop online 24/7 rather than fitting into the schedule of a bricks and mortar retailer. Not having to travel to and from the store is another plus. Many people are also wary of the pressure they feel to buy from retail store clerks.

Shopping online provides the consumer with a greater product choice. Rather than having to choose between two or three options they are able to browse between dozens of different product choices in a matter of minutes. They are also far more likely to locate hard to find items online.

When it comes to self care products, online ordering adds an extra element of convenience. Many of the products in the self care industry are renewable so having a regular monthly order arriving means that you never run out of the product.

The Cost Factor

Online retailers do not have to carry the same level of overheads as bricks and mortar operators. As a result, they are able to sell their products at a lower price. This makes buying online hugely attractive. Throw in the fact that websites regularly hold online sales, including such huge bargain opportunities as Cyber Monday, along with offers of free shipping and in store retailers have got their hands full competing with their online counterparts.

The Service Factor

The online self care industry is about more than simply selling a product. Many retailers have created a complete wrap around service for their customers. They provide them with access to video training, podcasts, blog posts, and free information giveaways. The retailer, often represented by a charismatic expert, positions themself as a trusted expert. Over time, the customer doesn’t even think of shopping elsewhere.

As an example of the service factor in operation let’s think of a retailer of manuka honey. The retailer’s website provides the new customer with a lot of appealing user friendly information about how to identify genuine manuka honey, including UMF and MGO ratings.It also offers meal planning tips, baking substitute videos and a host of information about the antibacterial and other health applications of manuka honey. The website also includes previous customer reviews as well as links to expert reviews of the retailer’s products. All of this provides a complete manuka experience for the customer.

The Pandemic Factor

Ecommerce trends

have shown a dramatic spike in online sales of self care products throughout 2020. With the majority of the world unable to leave their homes – and their regular retail outlet shut down even if they could – that is hardly surprising. Many online retailers operate out of their homes which has allowed them to continue operating right on through the lockdown.


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