Fue Hair Transplant In India For Better Results

Hair Transplant

We are covered with hair. Our entire bodies can grow hair except for our lips, palmers, hands, and the soles of our feet. Back hair differs all over the body but the way it grows is pretty much the same. Just underneath the skin or bundled together with things like nerves and blood vessels and sweat glands are hair follicles. Where individual hair gradually increase in length as more cells are added to the base over time as part of their natural cycle has stopped growing and fall out of the follicles to be replaced with new ones. When someone plucks their eyebrows is only a short term solution because the follicle can simply grow new hair. If the hair is not coming back then you need to contact Fue hair transplant in India.

When do people face the al real need for hair transplant?

The problem comes when for some reason or another hair stops coming. This can be caused by several things, like trauma, stress, or any disease. There are many cases why follicles simply stop growing hair because they are not present there. But the issue comes when the follicle is still there like the perfect hair making machines but they are unable to grow hair. For this, you need a hormone called dihydrotestosterone that comes along to interfere and switch them off although both men and women can suffer from this type of hair loss. Alopecia is most often seen in men whether followers around the hairline at the top of the head and right back to the Crown have the receptions for that particular switch off forward then gradually just stop producing hair. Working on hair fallout you are left what’s known as male pattern hair loss in both of these cases hair transplants offer a solution by transporting also healthy follicles into the areas that need surprisingly perhaps need a hair transplant.


Traditional strip harvesting involves a large skin incision on the back of the patient’s head to remove a section of the scale. This section of scale is used as a source of follicles to be implanted in a new location of the patient scale. This method leaves a permanent linear scar as the two edges of the scalper joined together. The procedure doctors perform is called a meal graph. Using the same area of the scalp in the back of the patient’s head they carefully extract follicles individually instead of strip harvesting and the scout remains intact. Once the desired quantity of follicles is collected, then they implement the neograft. The no-touch follicle implantation method through this process involves careful placement of follicles into the scalp area using a safe and simple delivery technique.

Implantation continues until they have transplanted all of the harvested follicles the newly transplanted follicles that will seamlessly regrow hair in the new area resulting in a natural-appearing fuller head of hair. Neograft leaves no linear scar as does the traditional strip harvesting harvest area is understandable after about 2 weeks. This is the reason why you should give a fue hair transplant in India a chance.


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