How to Manage Wound Pain and the Importance of Seeking Treatment

Wound Pain

Professional wound care is essential in ensuring quick recovery after an injury. The Greeks in ancient civilizations were the first to recommend the importance of wound healing. Wounds, if not cared for, can alter your normal activities. Remember that the earlier a wound is treated, the quicker it heals. Early treatment is also essential for patients to avoid complications and lowers the cost of wound care in Fort Worth. Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine provide a wide range of specialized wound care services to increase wound healing.

What is the difference between chronic and acute wounds?

Usually, a wound that recently occurred is referred to as an acute wound. This type of wound is easier to treat than a chronic wound. If you ignore a wound for long and the inflammation stops, it may develop chronic symptoms. At this stage, treatment may be difficult, and it may require specialized attention from your doctor. Severe blisters and pulsating wounds may characterize chronic wounds and may necessitate surgery as the only means of treatment. Ignoring a wound for too long predisposes you to a higher risk of developing a chronic wound.

What is wound debridement?

Wound debridement is the act of removing the infected tissue from the wound. It is done to remove the dead tissues and promote healing of the wound. Wound debridement is vital for wounds that seem not to heal. When the tissue is removed, the wound begins the healing process.

How should I prepare for a wound debridement procedure?

Before undergoing wound debridement, your doctor needs to check your wound. This process depends on the condition of the wound, your general health, and the type of debridement that needs to be done. It is vital to prepare for this appointment by ensuring that you gather all the information that may be needed and the questions you would like your doctor to answer. Your doctor may conduct a physical examination of your body and wound. They may need to know your current health condition and medications, as well as your family history.

Plan for a ride home after the procedure because your doctor may inject you with general anesthesia, which may affect your judgment. You may ask your doctor how long you should fast before the treatment.

How do I relieve pain from a wound?

While healing, each stage of the healing process includes pain. After treatment, as the wound progresses towards recovery, pain must occur at some point. The following ways aim to increase your rate of healing after treatment:

  • Seek medical advice immediately after the injury occurs
  • Prevent the wound from getting an infection.
  • Regularly change your wound dressing.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions of medications and self-care services at home.

If your wound does not seem to heal, consult your medical caregiver. This makes you avoid unnecessary complications that may lead to severe cases such as bone infections that may lead to amputation. Talk to your doctor at Wound Evolution – Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine to learn more about wound management.


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