Makeup and Hair Tricks for Long Faces

Makeup and Hair Tricks

You may have heard that the shape of your face kind of determines what type of makeup and hairstyles work best for you. And this is true. If you have an oblong-shaped face, you want makeup and hairstyles that compliment it, while highlighting its best aspects.

Remember that it is always about knowing what to highlight and what to hide. Read the following tips to learn more:

Makeup for a Long Face

  1. Learn how to contour your Face

You can use makeup to contour an oblong face o make it look more equally proportioned. Contouring an oblong face is not as difficult as it may sound.

First, use a foundation of choice to work on your temples, the top of your hairline, under the chin, and the sides of your jawline. Next, highlight the temple and the cheekbones. Lastly, apply a blush sparingly to the apples of the cheeks.

  1. Shade and Shorten some Features

If you have an oblong face, your goal is to create that oval appearance. You do this by making your face shorter and broader.

To achieve this effect, you should use a matte bronzer or darker pressed powder at the top of the forehead along the hairline. Make sure that you blend the powder downward. You should also use the bronzer to the bottom of your chin to make your face appear slightly shorter than it is.

  1. Contour using a Bronzer

You have to focus on your cheekbones if you want to make your face look broader. You can do this by applying a bronzer right under the cheekbones blending it up and out toward your hairline. For this, make sure that you have the best contour kit. Doing this way minimizes your prominent forehead. You have to remember that the more people focus on the distance between your forehead and chin, the more they get the impression that you have a long face, which we don’t want.

  1. Highlight your Cheeks

You should focus on your cheeks by applying a light to blush to the apples. Ensure that you do this using a fluffy brush in a circular pattern. You want to avoid vertical strokes as much as you can to bring out the breadth you are going for.

As a quick tip, apply an illuminating powder or a light highlighter to the highest point of your cheeks. Doing this will have the effect of widening the appearance of your face. Remember that you do not have to go for wild colors and shades when doing all this, or it will look forced.

  1. Use your Eyes to shape your Face

Like you have seen in the tips above, working on an oblong face is all about taking focus away from the long vertical features of your face. If you have naturally beautiful eyes, you can play them up to conceal the shape of your face.

You can do this by experimenting with dramatic lashes, bold eyeshadow colors, and cat-eye makeup. For example, try extending your eyebrows outward to your temples. For most people with a long face, this softens the angular features and creates excellent proportions.

Hairstyles for Long Faces

  1. Wavy Side-Parts

This works best if you’re looking for a shorter style without sacrificing too much length. The cut is a classic, with tousle waves and subtle highlights which make it fresh and modern. The volume of this style tends to add some fullness to a thin and long face. You should definitely try it.

  1. A Shaggy Bob

A shaggy bob is especially recommended if you have a high forehead. This hairstyle has a deep side parting, which adds a lot of volume on one side of your face. It balances out the length of your face creating a messy and carefree appearance, which may be what you are looking for depending on the occasion.

  1. A long wavy Center-parted Hairstyle

This is one of the best hairstyles for a long face on women who have reasonably long hair. With the style, you create beach waves which part in the middle while covering the corners of your forehead. We recommend the style for most people because it is relatively easy to achieve at home. You can use a curling iron to get started. Make sure to brush out the curls to achieve a smooth, carefree look. As you may have guessed, this is one of those looks that work perfectly for the summer.

  1. A Chopped Bob and Swoopy Bangs

If you have ever tried swoopy bangs, then you know that they tend to add fullness to your face. You can go a step further and pair them with an attractive chopped bob. This hairstyle quite effortlessly and gives off a laid-back vibe, which could be what you are looking for. It is also easy to maintain and manage throughout the week.

  1. A Wispy Layered Hairstyle

You may have an oblong face and long hair that you treasure a lot. Well, you may not have to cut your hair shorter to make your face appear fuller. The wispy layered hairstyles just for you. You just have to ask your stylist or hairdresser to keep the layers along the body of the locks lengthy, while shortening them around your face. If your hair is shorter, you may consider getting the best hair extensions to rock this style. The style adds volume to your face and creates natural fullness without trying too hard.

  1. Medium Shag – long side Bangs

This is yet another hairstyle that works with almost all kinds of hair thickness and lengths. To achieve the look, you have to implement a lot of choppy layers, apply manipulating textures, and define the ends for a casual mussy look. Within no time, which hairstyle will change the appearance of your long face.

You can try wearing a medium shag with side bangs to complement a large forehead if you’re inclined. For most people, this may not be necessary.

There you have it, makeup and hairstyles that work best if you have an oblong or long face. It is worth mentioning that combining tips from the two lists will work even better to create that rounder fuller facial appearance.


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