How You Can Manage Lower Back Pain Without Surgery

Lower Back Pain

Experiencing low back pain or discomfort is not uncommon. However, it can get in your way of accomplishing your daily tasks by affecting your function, and it is at this point you need to seek means to manage it. Pain experts such as Ramsey low back pain specialists at New Jersey Sports and Pain Medicine can help you manage your condition and get back your quality of life. Before you think of surgery, please note that there are several ways you can manage lower back pain away from the incisions. Have a look at the following treatment options.

Physical Therapy

For most lower back pain cases, exercises effectively manage the specific symptoms associated with the condition. However, it would be good never to attempt to do exercises for lower back pain without guidance from your physician. This is because not all practices are suitable for you, and some can only worsen your condition.

Some exercises for lower back pain are aimed at retraining your posture, stretching, and improving your flexibility, as well as testing the limits of your pain tolerance.

Meditation Techniques

Sometimes emotional issues such as frustrations, depression, and irritability can contribute to your lower back pain condition. This means that to manage the disease, you have to address these issues as well. Therefore, your provider can recommend meditation and mindfulness techniques such as tai chi, yoga, meditation, and many more.

Lifestyle Modifications

Sometimes experiencing lower back pain can indicate that you need to change some of your ways of living. If you listen to your body, you can learn to pace yourself. All you need to do is to admit to your limitations and adapt. If you note what you do and it contributes to your back pain or makes it worse, avoiding them is one way to manage your condition. One obvious modification you need to employ is to quit smoking if you do smoke. This is because it is known that nicotine delays healing and also accentuates pain.

Improve Your Diet

Depending on the cause, improving your diet can help you manage your condition. Besides, some diets are highly inflammatory more than others, and they might be making your situation worse. It would be better to consult with your physician who can advise you accordingly concerning your diet.

Diet also affects your weight, and maintaining a healthy weight can also help you manage your lower back pain. Therefore, you can take a diet that contributes to shedding off some pounds to take some pressure off your spine.


Several injection-based treatments can be used to manage your lower back pain. However, such options are only used where the cause of the pain is known. The treatment includes nerve ablations, epidural steroid injections, and nerve blocks.

Alternative Treatments

Several alternative treatments can also make a difference in your lower back pain and include electrical nerve stimulation, laser therapy, biofeedback therapy, acupuncture, and nonsurgical spine treatments. Your provider can diagnose your condition and recommend the most suitable option that can benefit you.

Analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and muscle relaxants can also be used to manage your condition.

The only way to learn which noninvasive treatment procedure is suitable for you is to have a lower back pain specialist diagnose your condition. You can contact the providers at New Jersey Sports and Pain Medicine.


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