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Hair has a significant effect on a person’s appearance. In some communities, hair is a symbol of the beauty and glory of both men and women. People with hair problems opt to use non-permanent and artificial ways of covering up the bald scalp. For instance, some turn to wigs and baseball caps to cover baldness. Persons with hair issues should rest easy because technology keeps providing innovative ways of dealing with hair loss. At Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers, Dr. David Mayer in Hauppauge will come to your rescue. The head’s hair is vital to some careers such as modeling, acting, and even news anchors. Even people not working in jobs that require a high standard of outward appearance, a person does not feel good when they suffer from baldness and thinning hair.

Hair Problems Affecting People

Some of the hair problems affecting people include thinning hair, patterns of baldness, and hair loss. When a person is experiencing thinning hair, they have lost the hair volume in the head. It is prevalent, especially when hair falls off, and the follicles do not produce new hairs. Both men and women can experience hair loss at any point in their life. The men may experience androgenic alopecia, a hair loss pattern that sets in after twenty-one years and progresses with age. On the other hand, women can suffer from female patterns of baldness when menopause kicks in.

Causes of Hair Problems

Hair problems arise because of various causes. For instance, autoimmune disease, some prescription drugs, chronic diseases such as cancer, and traction alopecia. Alopecia areata is another cause of hair problems because it causes hair to fall off in patches. Other causes of hair loss and thinning hair include an unhealthy diet, lack of vitamin D, and stress. Other people experience hair problems due to heredity. Loss of hair and baldness also sets in with age. Women may experience hair loss after giving birth or after menopause.

Treatments Available

Some of the treatments offered for hair loss problems include medication and hair restoration procedures. The hair transplant specialist undertakes a cosmetic procedure that restores hair in bald patches or low hair volume. Hair restoration may be carried out by using different procedures, depending on the extent of hair loss. Available procedures include hair transplant, scalp reduction surgery, tissue expansion for the scalp, and flap surgery. The hair transplant involves follicular unit extraction and strip procedure follicle unit transfer.

Why Visit the Center

Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers has the best hair restoration and transplant specialists. The clinic only takes one patient each day to ensure quality services. Also, the patients benefit because the center uses one of the best techniques to restore hair. The state of the art equipment employs artificial intelligence algorithms to identify areas with plenty of healthy follicles. The top-notch technology guarantees the efficiency and predictability of the result of a procedure. Additionally, the center has a team of medical members of each profession, therefore, a guarantee of exceptional care awaits the patients. The hair restoration procedures undertaken in the facility ensure patients get a permanent and natural look. By using ARTAS Hair Studio 3D modeling software to design how you look before and after the procedure, you know you will get the best service available.


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