Five Best Meal Planning Tips

Meal Planning Tips

Because of the busy pace of life today, many people end up eating foods based upon convenience of preparation rather than health value. That means that a whole lot of pre-packaged, commercially made quasi-foods are being consumed – and we all know the result of that. Unless we want to become another obesity scale statistic, it’s vital that we become food smart and learn how to prepare healthy foods while actually saving time and money.

The following smart food tips will allow you to make the most of the little time you do have to make sure that what goes into your body is quality fuel.

Meal Plan Tip No. 1: Have a Set Shopping Day & List

The key to successful shopping is purposeful shopping. Begin with a blank index card then list 7 main meals you’d like to have in the coming week. On the opposite side of the card, write out your shopping list. Take it with you to the grocery store and then only buy things that are on the list.

You have probably heard that you should never go shopping when you’re hungry. That’s common sense advice as is the suggestion to shop on the same day each week. That will allow you to plan your meals consistently for the coming seven days.

In addition to these suggestions below, we suggest checking the best fitness blogs for further tips on eating for health and fitness.

Meal Plan Tip No. 2: Cook enough for leftovers

Making larger portions is a smart way to overcome the not enough time problem. When you do, one meal becomes two meals, saving a load of prep time. You could even make a huge casserole on Sunday and take the next few days to enjoy it. The leftovers can also make great lunch meals.

You could also try prepping all of your dinner meals for every day of the week on a Sunday afternoon (or any other time that is convenient to you). You could divide three different meals into seven portions, place each portion in a plastic container and out in the fridge. Each night simply pull out a meal, heat it up in the microwave and enjoy!

Meal Plan Tip No. 3: Prep your food immediately

If you can get into the habit of preparing vegetables as soon as you get them in the door (chopping, dicing, slicing and bagging veggies), you will make your life so much simpler when it comes time to cook them.

Meal Plan Tip No. 4: Stock Up the Pantry

Stocking up the pantry will make it so much more convenient (and, therefore, quick) to prepare your meals. Such staples as olive oil, spices, fresh herbs, lemons, nuts, dried fruit, rice and whole-meal crackers should form the backbone of your pantry items.

Meal Plan Tip No. 5: Sign Up to a Fresh Fruit & Veggie Delivery Service

Not only will you have a regular supply of fruit and vegetables to your door, but you’ll be able to enjoy the difference of eating food that was in the ground or hanging from the tree the day before. That will allow you and your family members to get a regular supply of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).


Your busy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean that your nutritious eating goals get sabotaged in favor of convenient less healthy food choices. Implement our half dozen simple, practical, common sense meal prepping tips to keep it healthy when you get super busy.


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