Reasons Why Women Go for Abortion

Women Go for Abortion

For some people, abortion is an unconceivable act; however, for others it’s their only resort after an impossible-to-negotiate future or an unplanned pregnancy happens. Some studies found the same answers from women who determined the reason why they chose abortion. The following are some of the reasons women decide not to continue their pregnancy.

Negative Effect on the Life of the Mother

This can be a selfish reason. However, a pregnancy which takes place in the place at the wrong time can affect the ability of a woman to earn a living or raise a family in the long term.  Less than 50 percent of teenagers who become mothers before they reach 18 graduate from high school. Pregnant college students who gave birth are less likely to finish their study than their peers.

Single women who are employed and become pregnant experience job interruptions. Such affects their ability to earn and is likely to make them incapable of raising a kid by themselves.  For those who already have children or caring for older family members, the income reduction that results from birth or pregnancy may take them to poverty.

Financial Instability

Whether a woman is a college or high school student or single woman who earns just enough for herself, a lot of expectant mothers do not have enough resources in order to cover the high costs related with pregnancy, childrearing, birth and in case of no health insurance.

Saving money for a baby is one thing; however, unplanned pregnancies put a financial burden on women who don’t have the financial capacity to care for an infant plus deal with the costs of visiting an OB/GYN to guarantee health development of the fetus. Lack of enough medical care during pregnancy puts the newborn at risk of getting some complications in early infancy or during birth.

Relationship Issues

Most women who end up with unplanned pregnancies live on their own or have committed relationships. Such women realize that they will have to raise their kid as a single mother. A lot of them do not want to take this huge step because of education or career interruption, inability to care for infant or insufficient financial resources. Even circumstances that involved women cohabitating with their partners, the unmarried women’s outlook as single mothers is discouraging.

Other Reasons

While the following are not main reasons women prefer abortion, they reflect concerns which play an important role in influencing pregnant women to choose abortion.

  • A woman doesn’t want children or doesn’t like to rear a child anymore.
  • She is not ready to become a mother or have another kid
  • He husband wants it
  • She doesn’t want others to know she is having sex
  • The fetus has health issues
  • Her parents want it

Combined with the main reasons discussed above, the second concerns usually convince women that abortion, while a tough and painful choice, is the perfect decision to make at this time of their lives. If you are really sure about having an abortion, visit now.

Author Bio:- Lewi Manullang has been in the abortion industry for more than ten years now. Manullang’s blog posts have been helpful to pregnant women understand the significance of abortion in their specific situation.


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