Home Remedies for Leg Swelling

Leg Swelling

One of the most common medical conditions that a person can suffer from is leg swelling. This condition is one that many people often do not know they have until it gets severe enough for them to start doing something about it. This condition often worsens and leads to other medical issues such as pain or even diabetes. You may develop leg swelling due to many different causes, and while some people may not be able to see the signs early, others can detect them before they get out of hand.

Some include injury or trauma that can lead to blood loss, also called a blood clot. Another reason your leg may start to swell is an infection or an allergic reaction that can cause you to develop hives around the area, also known as urticaria. You can also suffer from kidney failure, which leads to fluid retention in your body. To determine the exact cause of your leg swelling, you need to see a Port Saint Lucie leg swelling expert for proper diagnosis. If your leg swelling does not result from a severe condition, you can treat it at home with the tips below.


If you are overweight or have poor circulation, it can contribute to leg swelling. The best way to treat it is by exercising regularly. However, before starting any exercise regime, always consult your physician first. If you are not sure what type of exercise will be appropriate, go for a medical consultation to determine that. They will also give you a complete rundown of specific leg exercises that you must do to reduce the swelling in your legs.

When doing these exercises, you must wear comfortable clothing to move freely without discomfort.

Elevate Your Legs

Since leg swelling is often caused by poor circulation, it makes sense that a good way to treat it is to improve blood circulation. How do you do that? Simple – elevate your legs above your heart whenever you can. Elevation will help reduce fluid flow from your legs back up towards your heart and kidneys.

Wear Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are an excellent alternative to taking pills for leg swelling. Although compression stockings can be pretty expensive, their benefits will outweigh the cost by a long shot. Compression stockings work by placing pressure against your leg, which reduces any fluid from accumulating in your feet and ankles.

Get a Foot Massage

One of the best ways to reduce leg swelling is getting a foot massage. The reason why a foot massage helps in reducing leg swelling is that it improves blood flow in your body. It also soothes any tension and releases an endorphins hormone that makes you feel good.

In summary, leg swelling is a common condition that can lead to severe complications if left untreated. You can manage the symptoms at home by getting a foot massage, wearing compression stockings, elevating your legs, and exercising to enhance blood flow.


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