Top Signs You Need to Visit an Optometrist


When was the last time you had an eye exam? You probably have never visited an optometrist. Understandably, it is not always easy to know when you need to visit an optometrist, but it is better to be safe than sorry. You must understand that not all eye complications show apparent symptoms from the onset, but they may become severe and irreversible if you do not get the necessary treatment. Luckily, with your Frankfort general optometry specialists at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates, you get access to highly qualified eye doctors to ensure your eyes are in excellent condition. If there is an issue, it gets addressed right away.

Remember, it is essential to regularly see an optometrist, even when you feel like it is unnecessary. You can do it once every two years, if possible, to be safe. Regular eye exams will enable you to catch any developing eye problems and hidden issues. The last thing you need is losing your eyesight when you could have done something about it. Likewise, it would help to know some of the signs that require a visit to your optometrist. They include:

Foreign objects

If any or both of your eyes get dirt or debris in them, along with chemicals, they can get damaged. If you find yourself in such a scenario, you should rinse your eyes using clean water for at least 15 minutes. You can also use clean water to get rid of small objects that could be stuck in your eyes. If anything foreign gets into your eye, you should never use tweezers or fingers to get rid of it. Neither should you rub your eyes. In case something gets in your eye and rinsing it out does not seem to work, you should consult with your optometrist as soon as possible.

Frequent headaches

Headaches are often an indication of many medical issues, with eye problems being one of them. If you notice unusual headaches that make you frequently squint to see, you need to visit your optometrist immediately. In most cases, it is due to eye strains because of extended computer use, eye alignment complications, or an unfavorable prescription.

Unusual light sensitivity

Inflammation often causes sensitivity to light in the eye. It could be a problem with the cornea, while it might go deeper into the eye in other cases. Whatever the problem is, you need to see an optometrist right away. You should know that some of the conditions that cause light sensitivity can lead to scarring, which could be permanent.

Pain in the eyes

If you are experiencing infrequent and mild eye pain, there is no reason to panic. However, if the pain is intense and frequent, you should schedule an appointment immediately. It could be a sign that you have an eye infection or a severe health issue.

Difficulty seeing at night

Nighttime is probably the best time to notice if your eyesight is dropping off. If you notice you are significantly struggling to see, it could be a warning sign that you need to visit your optometrist. It could be a cataract beginning to form, and you better have it addressed right away.

It helps to maintain routine eye exams with your optometrist to avoid any surprises. However, make sure you also look out for any signs that may show in between the visits. Some eye problems do not give you the luxury of waiting, and it is only better if you act immediately.


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