What is Consumption of Chocolate Deemed Good for your Health

Chocolate Deemed Good for your Health

There have been different ways that chocolate might be beneficial or injurious to your health. The question must be hovering in your mind most of the times, how chocolate has been deemed well for you and what kinds should you use. Cacao-derivative products have been believed to be a delicacy. It has been the treats of royalty for centuries, as both food and drink. Nonetheless, it has been only in the recent years that they have been recognized by science, as offering unique healthy effects. As a chocolate lover, several people have been pleased to research the topic and use the information for making chocolate, as a healthy part of their life.

What does chocolate consists of?

Similar to other available foods, the purity of the product would guarantee it to be a healthy food for you. The same goes for chocolate. A basic chocolate bar has several major ingredients such as cocoa mass that has been the actual powdered cacao bean, which is the base of natural chocolate flavour. Cocoa butter has been the fatty substance, which binds the cocoa mass together. In addition, sugar has been used for sweetening the natural bitter flavour of cocoa and Soy lecithin is used as an emulsifier.

The part of chocolate deemed good for you

It has been the cocoa mass, the chocolate bean itself that has been deemed as a good source of fibre. It has been also one of the most powerful anti-oxidant foods in the world. It would imply that darker chocolate would be better for you. A majority of chocolate bars have now revealed what percentage of cocoa mass has been included in the chocolate, such as 100% for pure chocolate, 70% for dark, 50% for bittersweet, 30% for semi-sweet, 10% to 25% for milk chocolate and 0% for cocoa butter or white chocolate. You should opt for those having higher percentages, the lean, hard and dark stuff. With no cocoa in it at all, white chocolate has been the poorest choice for people looking forward to lose weight or get healthy. It has been all sugar and fat.

Various chocolate bars also have several other ingredients such as artificial flavours, spices, honey, vanilla, milk and eggs. Additional ingredients such as peanuts, walnuts and almonds have been nutritious additives for the nut-loving, non-allergic types. Nonetheless, you have to be wary of other things found in typical candy bars such as caramel, nougat or toffee, especially in large quantities. It has been mostly fat and sugar.

Processing of cocoa bean powder

You should choose chocolate that has been unprocessed. In addition, you should use chocolate, which is processed without using alkali. An alkaline process also called the ‘Dutch process,’ would destroy 95% of different health benefits of cocoa. As a result, dark chocolate, in this manner, would be similar to pure apple pasteurized juice. It would still be advantageous, but would lack most of its enzymes and heat-sensitive vitamins. Organic chocolate also gains the lead over that uses sugar and cocoa beans without chemicals. For best chocolate, you should log on to www.lamontagnechocolate.com.


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