Why You Should Opt for board-certified surgeons


When seeking medical attention, you would want to find an expert in a specific field, and one of the steps to finding a qualified doctor is checking their certification. Board-certified surgeons are experts as they have the proper training and experience in their field. One of the board-certified surgeons who administers seamless surgical procedures is Atur Kasha DO. You can contact the surgeon for diagnosis of different conditions and administration of medicine and surgical procedures. Here is why you should choose a board-certified surgeon when getting medical procedures.

What Is Board-Certification?

Board certification is an assessment by the American Board of Surgery (ABS) which ensures an individual is qualified to practice in a given field of surgery. ABS offers certification for plastic surgeons, general, and specialty surgery. However, board certification is a voluntary process, and not all surgeons undergo the certification. Surgeons who undergo successful certification should indicate professionalism, willingness to commit to lifelong learning, and provide quality patient care.

Why You Should Choose a Board-Qualified Surgeon?

Certification ensures your surgeon has the training and experience needed to provide safe procedures. Once the surgeon has received the first certification, they need to renew it after ten years as it is not bestowed for a lifetime. This ensures the surgeon stays within the proper practice and knows how to utilize the current techniques. Certification ensures the surgeon meets all the training requirements. For one to get the certificate, they should have completed a given number of courses. It might require a surgeon to undertake a given period of practice under a senior surgeon or three years of surgery residency training. Moreover, they should take both written and oral exams, demonstrating their knowledge and mastery in the plastic surgery field.

Prioritize Expertise over Cost

Most plastic surgery might not be covered by insurance, and they might be costly, but you should opt for expertise over costs. Sacrificing a quality plastic surgeon due to the cost for less experienced doctors might lead to botched surgery. Your health is not worth risking over cheaper procedures. If you work with a board-certified surgeon, you will reduce the risks of botched operations.

You can ask your surgeon if they are board-certified or search for their name on the state register of the board-certified surgeons. Moreover, you can evaluate their work by comparing the before and after photos which indicate the consistency of their work.

Ask For Recommendations

Your loved ones might know qualified and board-certified surgeons within a particular specialty, and you can ask for their recommendations. Moreover, your primary caregiver would recommend the best surgeon as they work closely with board-certified surgeons. Finally, you could opt for online reviews as most patients could leave honest reviews about their experience with a given surgeon.

Final Thoughts

A board-certified surgeon is committed to providing adequate service. They are qualified, trained, and experienced to deal with specific surgeries. You should not compromise the quality of surgical service over costs as board-certified surgeons tend to offer costly services. However, if you opt for a cheaper surgical procedure, you would experience health issues that you would have avoided if you choose a board-certified surgeon. Finally, you can ask for recommendations from family, primary caregivers, and online reviews to get the best surgeon.


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