Why You Should Participate In Online Therapeutic Sessions

Online Therapeutic

Seeking out therapy is a rewarding experience for patients who require assistance to overcome the challenges and barriers of life. However, the lingering social stigma associated with therapeutic support makes people ashamed and reluctant to visit a therapist. Thriving Center of Psychology, your leading Miami online video teletherapy provider, has quick therapeutic access for patients who find it challenging to meet with a doctor physically.

What Teletherapy Means

Teletherapy involves online live video conferencing to deliver various therapeutic services. Teletherapy digitally connects a patient with a qualified counselor or therapist, and is a great way to regularly hold both individual and group therapy sessions. While teletherapy is not ideal for all patients, first-time therapy patients are great candidates for teletherapy.

What To Expect During A Teletherapy Session

The patient and the therapist first schedule a convenient and appropriate time and day to have a session. During the session, both parties view each other via webcams and hear each other via headphones or earphones. Teletherapy is not different from face-to-face therapy because therapists employ similar traditional therapy treatment techniques. After a session, first-time clients can agree with their respective therapists on whether to continue online therapy or meet face-to-face.

Privacy In Teletherapy

All therapy sessions, whether face-to-face or online, should be private. Ensure that you are dealing with a skilled therapist familiar with the ethics and legality of privacy in therapy. It is also essential for you and your therapist to agree on a secure video platform that upholds privacy.

Benefits Of Teletherapy For Patients

  • Accessibility

Teletherapy makes it easier for all people to access therapy. Through digital connectedness, anyone across the world can participate in a session with a therapist that is not geographically close to them. Teletherapy also eliminates numerous barriers; for example, patients with disabilities who cannot leave their homes can still share their experiences with other patients in the same condition.

  • Flexibility

Teletherapy is a flexible way therapists offer support to busy patients. Anyone seeking help can schedule a time that is convenient for them. Teletherapy also provides readily available live sessions that make it easier for patients to get emergency support, e.g., patients with suicidal thoughts.

  • Reduced Wait Periods

Since most therapists operate under busy schedules, teletherapy makes it easy for patients to access sessions by reducing scheduling traffic.

  • Security

Teletherapy creates a safe space for both patients and therapists. Most people are reluctant to get therapy due to the fear of being seen. Online video therapy reduces the anxiety and stress of getting help by creating a safe environment for a person to acquire support in the comfort of his/her home. Teletherapy also offers therapists a sense of safety by decreasing risky face-to-face contact with strangers/first-time patients.

Efficacy Of Teletherapy Compared To Face-To-Face Therapy.

Although most people argue that face-to-face therapy creates a more intimate relationship between a patient and therapist, research suggests that telepathy offers similar effectiveness in showing therapeutic results.

Increasing digitalization makes telepathy an effective solution for many patients considering therapy. Contact Thriving Center of Psychology to learn more about teletherapy and to schedule a session with your therapist.


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