Here is all you need to know about dental implants!

dental implants

Missing teeth can easily be infected with bacteria which can be a big problem and may be very painful. Regardless of all the developments to improve the dental health of the people, dental caries, tooth loss, tooth decay still prevail. For quite a long time the treatments for such tooth problems were denture and bridges but today, as technology has improved, the latest treatment makes use of dental implants. Here is all you need to know about dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are identified as replacement tooth roots. These implants are providing a strong foundation for removable or fixed replacement teeth. These implants are made to give a natural look by matching your teeth’s natural look. Shaped like screws, dental implants artificially made tooth roots. When placed inside your jawbone, they tend to combine with the natural bone. Dental implants have been used for a long time are seen as the best teeth replacement option.

Facts about dental implants

There are a few interesting facts about dental implants that may you may actually reading.

  1. The use of dental implants dates back to 600AD when tooth-shaped pieces of shells were hammered into a Mayan woman’s jaw.
  2. Dental implants, of all dental replacement options are the only one that saves the natural bone allowing the growth of the bone.
  3. In US there are 3 million people who have implants and has been growing annually.

Advantages of dental implants

There are advantages of dental implants that make them a good option for use.

  1. Improved appearance

Dental implants feel much like your real teeth and as they merge with the bone and then become permanent. They give a natural look which you can enjoy!

  1. More comfort

As they merge and become a part of your jaw, they tend to end any discomfort which one may otherwise feel.

  1. Better self-esteem

With you smile back to normal with dental implants, you will be able to regain your self-esteem and confidence.

  1. Durability

Dental implants are able to last long because of their durability. They can last as long as a lifetime considering that they handled with care

  1. Ease and convenience

Dental implants are fixed and don’t need to be removed time and again. As they do not need to be removed, they remove the inconvenience of having to remove and reuse dentures. Similarly, they do not need to be kept in place with any adhesives, hence leading to greater ease.

Where to get an appointment?

Like many other online sites, Newbury dental group offer you the chance to get your appointment booked with the ease of a few clicks. You can get details about the contact on the online sites. Along with details and information about the dental implant procedure, get your appointment set easily. Dental companies have to offer a great set of services such as routine dental care, dental implant services, denture services, teeth whitening services among many others.


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