The Most Common Gynecological Services

Gynecological Services

Women are unique in various ways, including their health needs. First, their health needs are many and critical, which changes at different stages of their lives. It is usually due to their reproductive system complications and their engaging roles in their homes and societies.

Lauren E. Spoo, MD of Memorial Women’s Specialists, understands their issues and commits to helping them achieve ultimate health and live healthy lives. The gynecology and obstetrics experts use advanced techniques to provide the best care to women of all ages. Contact their offices today to schedule your consultation.

Here are some of the services available at Memorial Women’s Specialists:

Well-woman exam

A well-woman exam is an essential part of every woman’s health. It involves regular health check-ups to maintain the health, prevent health risks and issues. The exams also help provide early treatment for any problem found.

The exam usually should happen every year or as recommended by your doctor. It consists of health screenings, body health history reviews, asking about any strange symptoms and any issue concerning your reproductive life. The well-woman exam may also include:

• STD testing

• Birth control options

• Pap smear

• Vaccines

• HPV testing

• Menopause management

Pelvic pain

Pelvic pain is a major concern among many women, especially during ovulation and menstruation. It may also occur during sexual intercourse or urination. Whichever the case of your pain, you need a comprehensive diagnosis to evaluate the cause of your pain.

Some of the conditions that may lead to pelvic pain include:

• Uterine fibroids

• Endometriosis

• UTIs

• Pelvic inflammatory disease

• Ovarian cysts

• Miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy

You should seek immediate medical care if your pelvic pain has symptoms such as:

• Fever

• Constipation

• Irregular discharge

• Bloating

• Unusual uterine bleeding

Birth control

Birth control is a critical topic in any woman in their reproductive stages. It helps plan how many and when to have children. It is significant to have someone to guide you through when choosing your birth control method.

At Memorial Women’s Specialists, they offer extensive consultation regarding the various birth control methods, including hormonal birth control, barrier methods, implants, long-term contraceptives, IUDs, among others.


About 200 million women in the world have endometriosis, leading to painful and low-quality lives. The condition involves the uterus lining growing outside the uterus or around reproductive organs causing uncomfortable symptoms such as:

• Heavy periods

• Chronic fatigue

• Severe pelvic pain

• Pain during sex

• Nausea and vomiting

• Abdominal cramps

Luckily, the Memorial Women’s Specialists team offers top-standard diagnoses and treatments for endometriosis to enhance better and healthy living.


Pregnancy is another part of women’s health that requires critical and extreme care. It involves maintaining the mother’s and baby’s health throughout the pregnancy period. The OB/GYN experts at Memorial Women’s Specialists offer regular monitoring of the baby’s health, screenings, and the mental and physical health support necessary during and after your pregnancy. The team also offers infertility solutions to help you conceive.

Contact a gynecology and obstetrics specialist today

Gynecology and obstetrics ensure women’s health at every stage of their life, from puberty to menopause. Memorial Women’s Specialists offers advanced and effective OB/GYN care to promote women’s health and living. Contact them today to schedule your OB/GYN appointment.


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