Types of Contraceptive You Can Choose for Family Planning


Family planning is one of the best things a couple can do. The main goal of undergoing family planning is to prevent unexpected pregnancies, reducomg abortions and infant mortality. Family planning can be done by either a man or a woman. However, many people across the world prefer and rely on the woman to take care of the family planning actions needed. Before having any kind of family planning method, it is vital to consult a doctor for guidelines. For a suitable family planning method, consult the best Edinburg gynecology specialists.

The most used contraceptive to prevent pregnancy

There are many types of contraceptives you can choose from, and they are available in your doctor’s office. These contraceptives are classified into two main categories, namely hormonal and barrier birth control. For you to become pregnant after intercourse, the egg meets with the sperm in the fallopian tube for fertilization. For you to control when you want to get pregnant or not, you must use hormonal control pills and devices. On the other hand, using the barrier birth control method, sperms are restricted from getting into the fallopian tube for fertilization. The contraceptives include:

The condom. A condom is rolled on an erect male penis to prevent sperm from getting into a female uterus. A condom also prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV & AIDS, gonorrhea, etc.

Pills. Pills are small tablets that a woman takes every day to prevent pregnancy. These pills release hormones that prevent fertilization from happening. Most women and teenage girls use this type of birth control method.

An intrauterine device (IUD). An intrauterine device is a T-shape device made from plastic or copper metal. This device is an added progesterone hormone, it is fitted inside a woman’s uterus by a professional gynecologist. The device releases hormones gradually to prevent pregnancy. An IUD can last for 3 to 10 years, depending on the type of IUD and if placed right.

Injection. You will be injected with a synthetic version of the progestogen hormone. The hormone to prevent pregnancy is released into the bloodstream at regular intervals. The injection can be done via the upper arm or buttocks. According to research, this type of birth control is very effective, and it does not interrupt your sex feelings or desire.

Contraceptive ring. A ring is a circular rubber component that is placed into a woman’s vagina. The ring produces estrogen and progesterone hormones that prevent pregnancy. The ring can be combined with oral pills, and no harm or side effects can occur. It is an effective way of preventing pregnancy, but it does not prevent STIs.

Family planning methods have helped many women and teenage girls to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The rate of abortion has also reduced by 61% worldwide. Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley has the best gynecologists who can guide you on contraceptives.


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