6 Essential Benefits of a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss

Weight gain has numerous risks to our health as well as cosmetic disadvantages. That is why experts recommend that you maintain a healthy weight if you want to avoid the negative side effects. However, most people find the weight loss journey to be very challenging. It isn’t easy to know the right diet and exercises suitable for you. If you are having difficulties, consult a Vienna, VA weight loss specialist for a medically supervised program and counseling. Here are the main benefits:

  1.     Customized Diet Plan

The doctor will begin by assessing your whole body and taking necessary measurements. Here they analyze your bio-metabolism to determine calories needed by your body for weight loss. The information is useful to create a customized plan that will work with your body’s limitations. What you find on the web may not necessarily work to your advantage. That is why it is essential to have a meal plan that makes you enjoy food while maintaining a healthy weight.

  1.     Exercise Tips are Personalized For You

It may be difficult for you to understand the exercise plan that will help your body to lose weight. The doctor in charge will formulate a plan suited to your body and follow up to see its progress. They will then advise you whether to reduce or add workout intensity. You will also get counseling on how to match your diet to your exercises correctly.

  1.     Comprehensive Medical Screenings

Before the plan, the doctor will perform a full medical screening to check if you have preexisting medical conditions or allergies that will limit your weight loss. The diagnosis will also tell whether you have a condition that limits your physical exercises. With the information, they will adjust your exercises to avoid harm from too much impact. As the body gets stronger, the medical practitioner will advise you on the necessary adjustments.

  1.     Medications

Depending on your condition and the set weight loss goal, the doctor may prescribe certain FDA-approved appetite suppressants to help you achieve optimal outcomes. They may also give you nutritional supplements or pharmaceutical-grade vitamins that compliment your medical state.

  1.     Healthier Habits

It will be difficult for you to stop old habits if you are only accountable to yourself or your partner. However, with a doctor who assesses your condition from time to time, you will gradually change and get used to new and healthier habits. The doctor will also advise you on other lifestyle changes you need to make for optimal results. This will include strategies you can use in social situations.

  1.     You Can See Results

With the customized plan, you can rarely fail to lose weight. It is always a great reward to yourself when you feel and sense weight loss in your body. The doctor will be assessing you to inform you of your progress.

Weight loss will keep you looking amazing and improve your health, both short term and long term. Instead of using universal weight loss tips, you should try the customized plans according to age, weight goal, and medical condition. Book an appointment today with Nova Physician Wellness Center to get started.



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