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Breast Augmentation

Outlook in women is a very vital aspect of their living and involvement. One of the things women cautiously look at and ensure are appropriately put are the breasts. The shape and size of the breasts to most ladies determine their social freedom regarding their confidence and self-esteem. Dr. Mathew J Lynch, MD, in East Windsor breast implants, offers augmentation and breast health services using the most qualitative techniques of MENTOR and ALEERGAN to resize and reshape your breasts. He also implores the use of advanced surgical methods to reconstruct breasts to ascertain that your implant takes a natural appearance.

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Questions and Answers on Breast Implants

What Is A Breast Implant?

Breast implants consist of two main types: silicone gel, filled with silicone gel, the plastic gel, or the saline-filled, which are shells filled with salty water that is saline. The filling could be during the implant or before the implant procedure. The devices are situated below the chest muscles to improve the shape and size of the breasts.

Implants come in various dimensions, shapes, and sizes to suit the individual needs of breast augmentation and breast reconstruction surgery.

What Are the Methods Available for Breast Reconstruction?

Dr. Mathew often uses a range of modern methods for your breasts’ reconstruction and to look natural. These techniques include:

  •         Breast augmentation

It is a surgical procedure for enhancing the breasts’ size and shape by opting to use silicone and saline in the treatment procedure. The entire procedure takes about two weeks to heal.

  •       Reconstruction after prophylactic mastectomy

It consists of alleviating all tissues from the breast and having fewer chances of acquiring breast cancer. The prophylactic patients could be lucky to restore or recover a nipple, thus appearing more natural.

Other techniques include rebalancing symmetry and reshaping. After choosing, Dr. Lynch prescribes a surgical treatment that is individualized to fit to achieve your goals.

What Is the Safety of These Implants?

Development in breast implants enhances the material’s efficacy and security with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval.

What Is the Breast Implant Illness?

It illustrates a variety of signs and symptoms likely to accrue as a result of breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. Some of the symptom exhibitions include:

  •         Joint pain.
  •         Severe fatigue.
  •         Breathing complications.
  •         Gastrointestinal issues.
  •         Sleep challenges.

The symptoms owe to the inflammation or autoimmune to the materials of the breast implant. Concerning your symptoms, Dr. Mathew will schedule a treatment plan that is best suitable that might consist of alleviation of the breast implant.

What Does BIA-ALCL Mean?

Due to inflammation that is likely to occur in the scar tissue part around your implant, it is not breast cancer. With early medical attention, cancer is treatable, unlike if it’s assumed to get to advanced stages.

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