How to Find a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

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Child psychiatrists are often hard to come by, especially in the United States, where most independent studies find less than 10 per million children. It can sometimes be challenging to get your child to see a psychiatrist. Perhaps you tried calling around to different clinics or hospitals? You may have already found out how difficult it is to get in touch with a psychiatrist.

What do you do if your child has a mental illness and needs an immediate psychiatric evaluation? If you have already tried going through the usual channels, a couple of approaches may be more effective. In this article, we provide you with some tips to help you find a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist in Irvine, CA, for your child. Read on for more.

Talk to Your Family Doctor

First, you should talk to your doctor about the problem. Most child psychiatrists are either employed by a medical facility or work with your doctor’s office. If the doctor has heard of an excellent psychiatrist who specializes in treating children, they may be able to make an appointment for you. This way, you do not have to call around and try to find a child psychiatrist.

Check Their Credentials

If your doctor does not know about any child psychiatrists, they might recommend you call the staff of state hospitals. Many state hospitals have excellent psychiatry facilities dedicated to diagnosing and treating children with mental illness. State hospitals also operate outpatient clinics where children can be. It is essential to verify that someone is a board-certified child psychiatrist before making an appointment.

Consider Gender

If you cannot find a child psychiatrist specializing in treating children, keep in mind that there are male and female child psychiatrists. The correct gender could make all the difference when your son or daughter can form a strong bond with their therapist. Gender might not be an essential factor if your child is not developing personal relationships yet, but it can make a difference in the treatment process.

Check Their Communication Styles

Every child psychiatrist has their style of communicating with patients. Some are very strict, while others are laxer. If you want to ensure your child is comfortable talking about problems, you might want to speak with former patients or other parents who have used the same psychiatrist in the past.

Talk to Your Child About It

Finally, you could always run the idea by your child. Some children are timid and introverted, while others will never speak a word unless their parents push them to open up about what they are going through.

If you talk with your child about finding a psychiatrist, you might be able to get some insight into how they feel.

In summary, finding a child psychiatrist presents a lot of challenges for many parents. However, you can make it easier by asking for referrals from your family doctor and checking their credentials. Also, make sure that you consider their gender and communication style. Once you have a few options, you can talk to your child about them.

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