Why you should dental implants

dental implants

If your teeth have fallen due to periodontitis or injury you could replace them with dental implants which are almost similar to real teeth. Woodlands dentist are experts in dental implants and they will guide you on getting the procedure and post-surgery care. They will provide long-term value over any other method of teeth replacement.

Dental Implants Look Natural

You don’t want your replaced teeth to look different from the original teeth and you can achieve an almost similar look with dental implants as they look like natural teeth. They can feel and function like natural teeth and your dentists can customize dental implants that fit your needs. Moreover, it can give you the confidence to eat, smile, and engage in social activities as you do not fear that they could look different or fall out like dentures.

They Have a High Success Rate

Compared to other replacement options, implants have longevity and a high survival rate. The technology used in replacing teeth with implants includes drilling and fixing the implants in the jaw making them durable. If you are in good health you have a high chance of having successful dental implants.

They Improve Chewing and Eating

Since the dental implants are secured tightly in the jaws, they are better for chewing and biting. They also help preserve the jaw bone and greatly reduce the bone resorption that occurs when one loses teeth.

They Improve Facial Appearance

 The loss of teeth leaves gaps which lead to skin sagging as the tissues on the cheeks tend to fill the vacuum created by the lost teeth. They also preserve bone by reducing bone resorption which leaves vacuums and skin sagging. They restore the jaw structure and reduce the loss on the remaining oral structures and preserve natural tooth tissue resulting in a full mouth which is key in keeping the skin on the face intact.

What to Expect During and After a Dental Implant Procedure

The dentists should examine the mouth and the areas you are considering for dental implants. They could then develop realistic dental implants similar to your teeth after checking the quality of jaws and other adjustment bones. It could help to consider health factors such as lifestyle conditions like diabetes and hypertension before getting dental implants. These conditions could prevent you from getting the procedure as they put you at risk. During surgery, the dentists will use anesthesia which numbs the area that needs tooth replacement. Sedatives might be necessary to allow for effective tooth replacement. The procedure could be conducted at a dentist’s office and the patient might need a designated driver afterward due to the effects of sedatives. After surgery, you might need to eat soft food and avoid brushing your teeth with a hard brush till it heals completely.

The Bottom Line

There are many options for the replacement of lost teeth, but dental implants are the best way of replacing lost teeth. They are cheap and they look like natural teeth thus improving your self-esteem and giving you a better smile. You can choose to get implants today as they are durable and give you value for your money.




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