Living With ADHD From Childhood To Adulthood


Medicine is an ever-changing field. Several long-held medical ideas have been revealed to be false. According to one of these perspectives, adults and teenagers cannot be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

More individuals are being diagnosed with the condition as this way of thinking becomes less common. It is believed that 4% of adults suffer from ADHD. Regardless of age, understanding ADHD symptoms and how they may affect various elements of everyday life is critical. This is a general overview of ADHD symptoms in people of all ages.

As a result of this antiquated way of thinking, more people are acquiring the diagnosis. According to estimates, ADHD affects about 4% of adults. Understanding how ADHD, regardless of age, can interfere with a number of daily activities is crucial. Please see the infographic below for further details on the potential therapy.


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