Learn The Various Types Of Dental Emergencies You Might Face In Your Life

Dental Emergencies

Our human body is complex. It works like a well-oiled machine, but sometimes things go wrong in the most spectacular of ways, which is never good. The human teeth are some of the most complex parts of the body, which is why there a variety of dental emergencies.

There are various types of dental emergencies that can take place in our mouths.

Avulsed tooth

An avulsed tooth occurs when the tooth is knocked out. This can happen if you get hit hard or take a very bad fall. Keep in mind that significant impact on the jaws can easily pop a tooth out. This is not a very good situation for anyone to be in, and it can be extremely painful. It hurts even more if the tooth is firmly lodged than if it was a loose tooth.

An avulsed tooth has far more implications that you would think. Teeth have blood vessels connected to the pulp. This is what gives you the sensation of biting something. When the tooth is knocked out, the blood vessels are snapped immediately. This means that the tissue cannot grow anymore.

There is a slight chance that an avulsed tooth can still be fixed. To do this, however, you need to immediately place the tooth back in the socket. This can prevent the tissues around the area from dying.

When you have an avulsed tooth, call the dentist. Then, proceed to pick up the tooth. Pick it up by its crown and do not touch the root under any circumstances. Rinse the tooth in warm water, and make sure that it is properly clean before placing it back in the gap. Make sure the tooth does not dry. If you cannot place it in your mouth, then make your way to the dentist.

Lost filling or crown

When a filling or crown comes out while eating, the tooth becomes very sensitive to extreme temperatures.

If a crown falls out, then make sure to make a dental appointment immediately. A crown falling off is also an indication of tooth decay, which renders the crown as unusable.

Cracked or broken teeth

Teeth are very strong, but they are still prone to fractures. Cracked teeth can be painless unless the crack extends all the way to the root. This can be very, very painful. Make sure you call the dentist immediately in the case of any dental emergency.

Your teeth are an important part of your body, and you need to make sure you take good care of them. You can’t avoid all emergencies and accidents, but it is easier to avoid them if your teeth are healthy. Follow this advice in case of an emergency and you should be fine.

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